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Smoke Alarms need to be Replaced


If a Smoke Alarm doesn't work, it cannot save a life; non-working or absent Smoke Alarms correlate with fire deaths.  Many people just don't think about Smoke Alarms when they think of 'home maintenance'.  One goal of this campaign is to spread that message.



Why Not Bill


The City of Woodbury has a great City Administrator.  He 'runs' the operations of the City.  The City Council speaks for the People.  A City's purpose is to Serve its Citizens.  Bill is best suited to help people.

How can You Help?


Please click on GET INVOLVED above for more information on how to spread the message.

How many lawyers does a Council need?


Cities are about 'Livability' and 'Quality of Life'.  How many lawyers really need to be elected to one City Council?  Lawyers, by training, find all the reasons something, anything cannot be done.  They are fundamentally "no" people.  Having one lawyer, like the City Attorney, reviewing work is good but the second attorney and the third attorney may not really add to the diversity of thought on a City Council and certainly doesn't add to problem solving. 

Diversity is Good


When everyone thinks alike, the same view or myopia limits the solutions an orginazation can see.  Having just lawyer/Real Estate types elected limits the breadth of a City Council perspective.




So Why Campaign for Safety and Your Vote...


Every fire Emergency is a Tragedy for Someone, so the best Emergency is the one that never happens.  Selfless are the Firefighters that risks their lives to save strangers.

  • Selflessness is needed from a person to work at a task where the person will never know exactly what life or property was saved; that is Campaigning for Safety.

  • Selflessness is needed to work toward bettering the community we live in without direct personal benefit; that is Campaigning for Your Vote.

Let's work together to make Woodbury a better place for our family, our neighbors and our community.

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