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Bill - You're a City employee - 
   How can you be 'Independent'?


The ADVANTAGE to being 'inside' the City is that I see and know how the City operates.  That both lets me 'hit the ground running' as a Councilperson and also see what is really happening at an operational level, not just the report version that has been 'sanitized' for public consumption.


Three things keep me from undue influence:

  • I live in the community - what happens here matters to me.

  • I'm a 'volunteer' for the City - meaning I have 'workmans' compensation' insurance coverage for when I run into burning buildings or extracate a resident from a crushed automobile - but the 'pay' is only a few thousand dollars a year, less than the other council members get paid.

  • My strong moral compass keeps me doing what is right, without regard for personal cost.

That is why I make a point of DISCLOSING my employment relationship with the City in my "Campaign for Safety and Your Vote".


I'm asking for your support.

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