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I've worn two hats for the last decade: one as a Carlson 'top 25' MBA and one as a low level 'Paid-On-Call' volunteer employee of the City.  Woodbury is a great place to live but the City has its challenges including infrastructure, water and development.
Woodbury's 2014 budget is 227 pages long.  Some money in the budget could be better spent; some priorities aren't community focused on our quality of life.

 I believe we can forge better relationships with other governmental units for greater economies of both scope and scale.



The 227 pages in Woodbury's 2014 budget has room for optimization.  We can choose priorities to support our community.


Between roads and other infrastructure, Woodbury faces challenges.  Much of the infrastrusture is wearing out too fast for the resources available to replace it.


With an aging population, many of us face the challenge of Elder Care, Child Care or both.  About one-third of our population is under 18 and one in ten is a senior. These challanges can be met but require planned effort. 


Ongoing growth places additional demands on our water system.  At the same time, PFBA contamination challenges our options.  With two major recent water system failures, the City faces challenges. 


Woodbury isn't all 'white bread' as one in ten residents is a person of color.  The most diverse schools in the district are in Woodbury.  


Woodbury has built a strong presence in the medical field which relies on continued community support such ambulance services, a talented workforce and accessible transportation.

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