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Home Fire Hazards Annual Checklist


EVERY YEAR - Find and correct:
 Furnace or heating system - annually inspected.

 o Clean out clothes dryer venting pipe.

 Space heaters - Unplug when not in use.

 o Keep out of walking paths - Keep children and pets away.

 o 3 foot clearance around heater - Keep away from beds.

 Candles -Never leave candles unattended.

 o Out of reach of children and pets, curtains / furniture.

 Smoke Alarms pass tests with new batteries.

 o Inside and outside all sleeping rooms and on every floor.

 o Smoke / CO Monoxide detectors all less than 10 years old.

 Kitchen – watch heat and appliances when in use.

 o Appliances are turned off and best unplugged when unused.

 o Pot and pan handles turned inward - use the rear burners best.

 o Do not cook in loose clothing.

 Fireplaces - Keep the fire place clean. Only burn wood.

 o Use a fireplace screen. Extinguish before leaving room.

 o Use metal can for ashes. Dispose of only cold ashes.

 o Have annual professional chimney cleaning.

 Loose or frayed electrical cords / wires under rugs.

 Outlets overloaded with plugs; TV, computer, printer.

 Test GFCI (ground fault) outlets; especially near water.

 Confirm correct bulb wattage for home light fixtures.

 Replace appliances that spark, smell unusual or overheat.

 Lamps or nightlights should not touch any fabrics.

 Supervise children around the stove and microwave.


Arc Fault PPE 

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